Use disposable cups to protect the environment?

Update:Jun 14,2018

Use disposable cups to protect the environment? This pr […]

Use disposable cups to protect the environment? This problem has also been explained to my friend many times in my life. Now everyone pays more and more attention to the issue of environmental protection. This is the gospel of our environmental paper products company.

We are talking about sugar cane fiber that is used to make paper disposable paper cups. It was produced from sugar cane bagasse left by the sugar refinery. This material was directly discarded. Now it is used for morning paper. You think that it is environmentally friendly. Not environmentally friendly. In addition, the current production of paper cups is mainly advertising paper cups there is another issue is the ink, advertising paper cups custom production at present we all use soy ink, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection.

And to see how I helped my friend analyze whether the use of disposable paper cups is environmentally friendly. To realize that we understand the raw materials of the paper cups, the paper cups are actually cups made of paper. The most important raw material is paper, and everyone may think that the use of paper will be cut down. The tree wastes resources. Yes, all the previous paper cups were actually produced using wood awards. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the other is the advancement of papermaking technology. At present, paper cups have been replaced by sugarcane fiber, etc. The paper comes out in line with the state's requirements for food paper, especially the stiffness is much better than the ordinary wood pulp paper, and when the water is filled, the quality of the paper is obviously better.

Disposable paper cups because of its practicality and convenience, and the corresponding advertising effect is also very good, and now all types of companies in the custom-made paper cups, how to choose disposable paper cups?

Guangju reminds you to pay attention to the following three points

First, disposable paper cups should be full-shaped, non-wrinkling, and have a certain thickness. Products that are not easily deformed. If the paper cup body is too soft or the cup is torn, it is easily broken. Most of them are unqualified products.

Second, it is important to hear whether the smell of disposable paper cups, if you open the cup packaging on the taste very large, mostly due to the use of poor quality toxic ink production companies.

Third, make disposable paper cups Do not choose paper cups that are too white in color. Paper cups that are too white in color are likely to contain fluorescent substances during the production of paper cups. It is not easy to be decomposed and excluded. Accumulation in the human body can harm human health.

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