Types and characteristics of coffee cups

Update:Mar 12,2018

When used, it is necessary to allow the coffee to maint […]

When used, it is necessary to allow the coffee to maintain a certain temperature in the cup. Therefore, compared with a black tea cup, the coffee cup has a narrow mouth, a thicker material, and a lower light transmittance.
Porcelain cups: the most common, can accurately explain the fine flavor of coffee. Among them, bone china coffee cups made of high-grade porcelain clay and mixed animal bone meal are light in texture, soft in color, high in density and good in heat insulation, and can lower the temperature of coffee in the cup more slowly, and are the most representative of coffee flavors. Excellent choice.
Mug or French Oulei special milk coffee cup (300ml or more) - suitable for coffee with a lot of milk, like the American Mocha multi-use mug, it is enough to accommodate its sweet and varied taste. For romantic French people, a large bowl of milk coffee (Ore coffee) is often used to render a caper that lasts for a whole morning.
Warm Cup: The use of bone china coffee cups can be used to warm cups to completely seal all flavors of coffee. The easiest way is to directly into the hot water, or put it into a drying machine to preheat it. Although it is only a simple step, it is the key to the preservation of coffee and alcohol. Because the freshly-brewed boiling coffee once poured into a cold cup, the temperature suddenly dropped, the flavor will be greatly reduced.
Long-term use of coffee cups, or after the use has not been washed immediately, so that the scale of coffee attached to the cup surface, the cup can be soaked in lemon juice to remove coffee dirt. If you can not completely remove the coffee stain, you can use neutral detergent, dip in the sponge, gently wipe clean, and then rinse with water.