Three types of carton dimensions.

Update:Nov 27,2017

(1) Manufacturing size. Carton manufacturing size, mark […]

(1) Manufacturing size. Carton manufacturing size, marked in the structural design of the expansion plan (working map), available X said carton, rectangular cube, the inner dimensions of the carton with L * W * D said.
Conventional carton expand drawing length, width and height
(2) Within the size. Carton formed after forming the size of the interior space, rectangular cube carton, carton inner dimensions available X1 or L1 * B1 * H1 said. The size of the inner package is generally determined by the quantity, shape, size of the package, or the form and size of the inner package, which is an important basis for the structural design of the paper container. In the box design process, manufacturing size to be calculated according to the internal dimensions to ensure that in accordance with the manufacturing size of the container processing, molding to meet the internal size, volume requirements.
(3) External dimensions. The maximum external dimensions of the carton formed after molding represent the size of the space occupied by the container. Such as rectangular hexagonal carton size available X0 or L0XB0XH0. The outer dimensions are the design basis of the outer packaging, transport packaging and storage, stacking and shelf.