The type and characteristics of milk tea cup

Update:Feb 11,2018

The following three aspects of the milk tea cup is clas […]

The following three aspects of the milk tea cup is classified, hoping to help you to know more about the milk tea cup this product.
1, According to the material. Regular milk tea cups are divided into PP cups (this is the most popular), the PET cup (which is upscale). PP cup is the most commonly used specification in milk tea shop. PP milk tea cup is suitable for most of the handle and quality requirements, such as milk tea temperature, health and so on. PET cup is more suitable for high-end places. Why do you say that? Because the PET cup is slightly higher than the PP cup in terms of hardness, thickness, texture, handle and permeability, but the cost price is much higher. Therefore, for the high-end beverage shop, the average price of each cup is over 8-10 yuan, or even 12 or 15 yuan.
2, According to the model. Milk cups can be divided into 360cc, 420cc, 500cc, 600cc, 700CC, 1000cc specifications, but the most common type is 500CC, which is the standard type. It is generally called the middle cup, 360CC called it small cup, 700CC is called the big cup, and 1000CC is called the giant cup. 420 and 600 and the other models are relatively cold, and they don't talk here.
3, According to the price. There are two meanings. First, compare the custom milk tea cup with the public version milk tea cup (the general cup that can be bought on the market), and compare the cup with other brand cups. First of all, the price of the custom cup is a little higher than the public cup because of its good quality, brand LOGO, production cost and so on. But the quality of the public plate cup is poor, easy to break, the color of the design and many other problems, although cheap, but the quality of the shop owner is no longer considered. In addition, the price of milk tea cup is lower than the price of other milk tea brands, considering the interests of the owners, more consideration is given to the long-term development of the brand.