The technical advantages of paper packaging

Update:Aug 14,2017

Paper packaging materials suitable for mechanized opera […]

Paper packaging materials suitable for mechanized operation, because the paper packaging materials, mechanical processing performance, can give the packaging machine to provide excellent mechanized production conditions:
Paper is usually scalable, free from the impact of climate hot and cold, compared with most of the plastic products, with better stability. The opacity of the paper can provide concealed isolation so that certain products can not be seen from the outside of the package. Easy to shape, with the packaging machine cutting without any problems.
In addition, a variety of different wrapping paper, according to its different use requirements, can provide a complete range of printing, from offset, gravure to flexo, etc .; paper packaging materials also have good permeability, flexibility, strength and Control the tear performance; product non-toxic, non-polluting; very easy to use when opened.