The structure classification of carton packaging

Update:Oct 30,2017

Box structure A. shake cover box: the simplest structur […]

Box structure
A. shake cover box: the simplest structure, the most widely used packaging box.Cigarette case rocking cover type.Rocking cover type top swing cover
B. cover box (also known as heaven and earth cover): mostly used for high-end goods and gift boxes
C. windows: the biggest feature of the content or packaging directly displayed.
D. drawer type
E. display: display box, also known as POP packaging box, can be used for advertising display, but also fully display the shape of the package. The form: one is with a lid, open the lid when the sale, transportation and the cap can be folded, the other is not covered, open-air storage. It plays a role in displaying commodities, passing goods and introducing goods.
F. closed: closed box is the product of modern packaging, which is characterized by fully enclosed. It has better functions in anti-theft and convenient use. The main form is the opening of the extension line, the form of tearing and opening, the way of inserting the suction tube into the small hole, and the content of the content, etc., which are mainly used for the beverage and other packaging.
G. allogeneic box: the structure of the allogeneic box is more artistic and practical. The change is mainly to the box surface, edge, angle to shape, quantity, direction of the addition and subtraction of multi-level processing. It is mostly used for gift packaging.
H.: the biggest characteristic of portable portable packing box is convenient to carry, also known as the portable packing box. The other structure is provided with a handle on the box body, carrying part can be added, can also use the cover and side extension and snapclose.
I. buckle type -- hemming, mortise lock type.