The role of ink in the printing of food packaging

Update:Aug 29,2017

Food packaging materials and the role of ink, of course […]

Food packaging materials and the role of ink, of course, is preferred to environmental protection, in fact, is able to meet the needs of the corresponding quality, mold injection is currently used in the printing sheet is PET, PC materials, and PMMA. In-mold injection The currently used printing sheet is mainly PET, PC material, and PMMA.
(1) sheet
In-mold injection The currently used printing sheet is mainly PET, PC material, and PMMA. Which is the most used PET material, a wide range of PET materials on the market, both regular manufacturers, and other sources. If the initial printed material does not carry out some necessary tests, it will lead to no adhesion between the film material and the ink, resulting in a series of crafts behind the futile. It is recommended that the injection molding of the customer in the use of different batches of materials to do injection, the first material for some testing:
For example: the use of ink adhesion test, to test whether the ink is attached to this material. Material temperature test, test the late injection molding, the material can withstand the temperature in the injection mold.
In fact, the best way to carry out the ink adhesion test is to use UV ink to test the current industry in general UV ink must be easily attached to the material in the printing will have adhesion, if the UV ink in this material Adhesion, solvent-based inks printed on the material will certainly not be a problem.
(2) ink
The current market of injection molding ink to the Japanese and German Department of the majority of domestic manufacturers in the production, but in the practical application of the more rare, and less successful cases.
Ink in the use of the process, the general need to pay attention to the following questions:
A. The ink has no adhesion on the film material
With the ink manufacturers to confirm the use of ink conditions of use, whether the need to add curing agent, whether the need for special thinner; with the film manufacturers to confirm the type of film, and whether some easy to deal with;
B. Ink printing process will be solidified, no net.
The general ink to add curing agent, the use of ink will be limited, and some ink in the two curing agent after the use of time will become shorter, so before printing to the manufacturer to confirm clearly; if it is a single group Put the ink only need to add thinner.
C. Ink in the injection, the "red flower" phenomenon.