The pyrolysis technology of paper packaging

Update:Oct 09,2017

   Because there are many organic compounds in the pack […]

   Because there are many organic compounds in the packaging material, with thermal instability, so when placed in the anaerobic or anoxic high temperature conditions, under the combined action of decomposition and condensation, this kind of organic matter will crack, into Low molecular weight gaseous, liquid and solid components. Pyrolysis technology is the use of organic packaging waste this feature, in the high temperature anaerobic or hypoxic conditions for a harmless treatment of a method.
   Pyrolysis and incineration are two completely different processes. Incineration exotherm, you can recycle this part of the heat, and pyrolysis is endothermic. The products of incineration are mainly carbon dioxide and water, and the products of pyrolysis are mainly combustible low molecular compounds: gaseous hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, liquid methanol, acetone, acetic acid, acetaldehyde and other organic matter and tar, solvent Oil, etc., the main solid state is coke or carbon black, these products can be recycled.