The main material of oil-proof paper bag

Update:Jul 11,2017

Oil-proof paper bags are also known as lacquered paper […]

Oil-proof paper bags are also known as lacquered paper bags, and oil-proof paper bags are generally used to refer to bags that are papery and oil-resistant. More use of kraft paper materials, but also the use of white paper materials. Mainly used to hold a variety of fried snacks, such as chicken, pancakes, gong burning and other oily snacks.
The first shopping with kraft paper bags, was born in 1908 in the United States, St. Paul, Minnesota. A local grocery store owner, Dav Duvina, found a way to make consumers one-time to buy more things in order to boost sales. Water, material improvement to its load-bearing capacity continues to increase, the appearance has become more sophisticated, manufacturers will be a variety of trademarks, patterns printed on kraft paper bags, into the streets of shops shop.
Until the mid-20th century, the emergence of plastic shopping bags to become a shopping bag in the history of another large-scale revolution. It is more thin, more solid and cheaper manufacturing costs and other advantages make the scenery once the kraft paper bag eclipsed. Since then, plastic bags become the first choice for life consumption, and leather bags gradually "relegated to the second line." Finally, the scenery of the kraft paper bag can only be used under the guise of "nostalgia", "natural", "environmental protection" in the name of a small number of skin care products, clothing and books, audio and video products packaging.
In recent years, with the "anti-plastic" style of the global prevalence of environmentalists who began to look to the ancient kraft paper bags.
At present, most of the anti-oil paper bags using kraft paper as raw materials, there are a small part of the use of white paper. Ink with edible water-based ink, green health, safe and secure.