The development process of disposable paper cups

Update:Jul 31,2017

Paper cups are one of the more common kinds of cups in […]

Paper cups are one of the more common kinds of cups in our real life. So how much do you know about the history of disposable paper cups? Today, I'd like to talk briefly about the history of paper cups! The paper cup history has gone through four stages:
Cone / folding paper cup
The paper cups, which were invented in the early days, are cone-shaped and made by hand. They are glued together and easily separated. They must be used as soon as possible. The folded paper cups are later provided with folding folds on the side wall to increase the strength of the side walls and the durability of the paper cups, but it is difficult to print the patterns on the folded surfaces, and the effect is not ideal.
Waxed paper cup
In 1932, the first two pieces of wax cups come out, the smooth surface can be printed on all kinds of exquisite patterns, improve the promotion effect. Cup wax hand can prevent direct contact of beverage and paper material, but also can protect the adhesive glue, enhance the durability of the cup; on the other hand also increased the thickness of the side wall, the paper strength greatly improved, so as to reduce the production of heavier cups required for paper, reduce production cost.
With the wax coated paper cups becoming the best containers for cold drinks, people also hope to use a convenient vessel to carry hot drinks. But the hot drink will melt the inner surface of the wax layer paper cup, so the adhesive stoma will separate, wax coated cups, generally does not apply to contain hot drinks.
Straight wall double cup
In order to expand the scope of the paper cup, in 1940, the straight wall double layer paper cups were pushed to the market. The paper cup is not only convenient to carry, but also can be used for containing hot drinks. Subsequently, the manufacturers coated these cups with latex to cover the cardboard flavor of paper material and to strengthen the leak proof of paper cups. Single coated wax cups processed by latex coating are widely used in self-service vending machines to carry hot coffee.
The film coated paper cups
Some food companies began to spread polyethylene on cardboard to increase barrier and tightness in paper packaging. Because the melting point of polyethylene is much higher than that of wax, a new type of beverage paper cup coated with this kind of material can ideally be used to hold hot beverages, and the quality of the products affected by the melting of coating materials is solved. At the same time, the polyethylene coating is smoother than the original wax coating, improving the appearance of the paper cup. In addition, the processing technology is cheaper and faster than the latex coating method.