The design of commodity packaging is an important means for the promotion of commodity value

Update:Jan 22,2018

A successful brand packaging design from the logo, colo […]

A successful brand packaging design from the logo, color, shape, material elements, on the basis of considering product features, some basic principles, follow the brand design such as: to protect the goods, landscaping products, easy to use, so that the design elements of harmonious collocation, complement each other, in order to obtain the packaging design the best solution.
From the perspective of marketing, brand packaging and color design are important factors to highlight the personality of merchandise. Personalized brand image is the most effective way to promote sales. To meet the different needs of a particular population, the sales of the product will be unexpected.
The purpose of packaging design should be to shape the image of the products and businesses, and to better serve the needs of the consumers at all levels. People feel the packaging outside the product while buying goods. Packaging gives consumers a very direct impression. Physical functions and psychological functions of packaging are all reflected in packaging design.
Generally speaking, consumers need to face the goods directly, the need for the first time and distance close to the commodity packaging design, something which requires the goods which is intuitive, directly showing the value of external products, to meet consumer demand in all aspects of psychology.
In addition to buying goods themselves, more is to buy mood, to buy satisfaction, to buy confidence... In the process of selling goods, consumers are the main body, and how to motivate the subject, that is, what consumers want, what kind of psychological satisfaction consumers want to buy at the same time, is the premise of packaging design positioning. It is also a potential purpose for packaging design to be achieved as far as possible.
Nothing is closer to the end consumer than the brand packaging design. Packaging is not the core of the consumer's needs, but packaging design can give consumers extra satisfaction. Just as Theodore, the famous American Marketing scientist? Li Weite said, the key of future competition is not what products the enterprise can produce, but what additional value it provides for the products: packaging design, service, user consultation, purchase credit, timely delivery and people's value measurement.
At the same time, the effect of packaging design on brand building can not be underestimated. You know, any package must face our customers directly.