The basic way to choose a cup of coffee

Update:Mar 05,2018

There are porcelain cup and pottery cup two, in recent […]

There are porcelain cup and pottery cup two, in recent years the coffee must be hot drink under the idea of the cup making industry even with such attention, the development of thermal insulation effect of the porcelain cup, even better than porcelain cup bone china cup, this texture contains animal bone ashes cup, you can make coffee in the cup temperature decreases slowly. But because its price is much more expensive than the previous two, the average family is rarely used, only in a more exquisite cafe.
The color of the coffee is amber and clear. So in order to show the feature of coffee, it is better to use a cup of white coffee in a cup. Some neglect this problem in production. In the coffee cup, all kinds of colors inside the cup and even the complex fine patterns often make it difficult for us to discern the situation of coffee brewing through the color of coffee.
In the choice of coffee cup, it can be selected according to the type of coffee and drinking, and then with the personal preferences and conditions of drinking. Generally speaking, pottery cups are more suitable for deep fried and rich flavored coffee, and porcelain cups are suitable for lighter coffee. In addition, drink Italian style coffee are normally used 100cc coffee cup, and a higher proportion of milk coffee, such as latte, French white coffee, then use no cup mug. In personal preferences, in addition to the appearance of the cup, but also to take a look to see if it is easy, so the use of it will feel convenient and comfortable.
The weight of the cup, to choose light weight is appropriate, because the lighter cup, more dense texture, texture close to that fine particles of raw materials of glass, made of cup noodles and close pores small, not easy to make the coffee scale attached to glass surface.