The basic production process requirements for food packaging paper bags

Update:Aug 22,2017

Although the food packaging can not determine the intri […]

Although the food packaging can not determine the intrinsic quality of food, but a good food packaging paper bags can guarantee and extend the quality and life of food to extend the shelf life of food, easy to carry, transport. Excellent packaging can win the reputation for the product, establish a brand, to prevent fake and shoddy, to facilitate the selection of goods for consumers. With the further adjustment of the food industry product structure and product upgrades, replacement, corresponding to the packaging and decoration of food plastic bags printing is a very important part of the pattern requires beautiful, and the quality must meet the food safety, packaging and printing Good or bad directly affect the food industry product quality, grade and market sales. The invention of printing is the representative of the wisdom of the ancient Chinese working people, its contribution to human civilization is immeasurable.
Food packaging paper bag production process can be divided into three steps:
1: packaging design: This is based on the requirements of the food company to design the food paper bag layout. The design of a good food paper bag has a good effect on improving the sales of the product. I now offer free food paper bag design
2: plate: is based on food packaging design to confirm the production of food packaging printing presses on the need for copperplate. The version into a cylinder, and is not a single set of a single, the size of the specific size of the package should be based on the previous design to determine
3: layout printing: the specific content of the work on the food packaging press, according to the food company to confirm the first layer of material (the material can be confirmed with a reference to the basis of the vacuum bag) to print, print out the results with the design drawings without Too big difference.