The basic method of choosing a coffee paper cup

Update:May 03,2018

The basic method of choosing a coffee paper cup General […]

The basic method of choosing a coffee paper cup

Generally, there are two kinds of pottery cups and porcelain cups. In recent years, under the concept that coffee must be hot and hot, the cup makers even deserve to pay attention to this pottery, and pottery cups with insulation effect are developed, even more so than porcelain cups. A better bone china cup, using this kind of bone china cup containing animal ashes, can make the temperature of the coffee in the cup decrease more slowly. However, because its price is much more expensive than the previous two, the average family is less likely to use it. It can only be found in more sophisticated cafes.

The color of coffee is amber and clear. Therefore, in order to reveal this characteristic of coffee, it is best to use a white coffee cup in the cup. Some neglected this issue in production, the various colors in the interior of the coffee cup, and even the description of the complex pattern of fine patterns, often make it difficult for us to identify the coffee brewing situation by the color of coffee.

When choosing a coffee cup, you can choose according to the type of coffee and how you drink it, together with your personal preferences and drinking conditions. In general, pottery cups are more suitable for deep-fried and rich-tasting coffee, while porcelain cups are suitable for lighter-tasting coffee. In addition, drinking Italian coffee is generally used less than 100cc small coffee cups, while drinking a higher proportion of milk, such as latte, French milk coffee, the use of mugs without cup holders. In personal preference, besides looking at the appearance of the cup, it is also necessary to take a look and see if it is convenient, so that it will feel comfortable and comfortable when used.

The weight of the cup should be selected lightly, because the lighter cups have a denser texture and the denser texture means that the raw material particles of the cup are fine, the cup surface is made tight and the pores are small, and it is not easy to make the coffee scale adhere to Cup surface.