Single-layer cup and double-layer paper cup

Update:May 17,2018

Single-layer cup First, the concept of a single layer p […]

Single-layer cup

First, the concept of a single layer paper cup

A single-layer paper cup is a type of paper cup. It is also called a single-sided laminar paper cup. The layer inside the paper cup has a smooth pe coating. The single-layer cup is generally used to hold drinking water and is convenient for people to drink.

Second, the raw material of a single layer paper cup

Made from food grade wood pulp + food grade PE film.

Third, the characteristics of a single paper cup

1, safety and health, cheap, lightweight and convenient.

2, public places, restaurants, restaurants, home life, companies can use.

3, belonging to disposable supplies, convenient and affordable, does not pollute the environment.

The concept of a double paper cup

A double-layer paper cup, as the name suggests, means that the paper cup is double-layered and has two layers. Double-layer paper cups are better than single-layer paper cups. The use of double paper cups is also longer than the use of single-layer paper cups. It can also be used to hold hot drinks, such as hot coffee.

Second, the history of the development of double paper cups

In order to expand the application range of paper cups, in 1940, the straight-walled double-layer cups were introduced to the market. Such paper cups are not only portable, but also can hold hot drinks. Since then, the manufacturer has applied latex to these paper cups to cover the taste of paper cups in paper cups and to enhance the leak resistance of paper cups. The single-layer Wax Cups treated with latex coating are widely used to hold hot coffee.