Several common life forms of gift packaging

Update:Jan 08,2018

Now no matter what to buy, almost can not leave a varie […]

Now no matter what to buy, almost can not leave a variety of packaging. Gift wrapping is also the most common form of packaging in life. One is to look good gift wrap, won more heart satisfaction, one is to increase the added value of the product.
Gift packaging is divided into a variety of different needs, the common are the following categories:
1. Expand the gift packaging
The so-called expandable packaging is to open the packaging, the contents of which is flat, you can directly come up with this packaging style. The gift of this package are more boxes, baskets, boxes and other objects lined, smooth appearance, easy to display.
2. Hanging gift wrap
The special shape of some gifts can not be placed as a normal flat, and need to go through certain treatment, hanging up to show. The main gift is in a small gift basket, covered with a layer of "gypsophila" glass wrapper, suspended in the air. Because it is suspended, to take into account the combination of ruggedness and aesthetics.
3. Stacked gift packaging
Some bulk gifts should not be high-capacity packaging, but divided into small capacity, respectively, packaging. This package is the gift of the assembly. For example, a gift of candy, clothing, cosmetics, a box of a box together, you need to pack them into a tie, it is more suitable for stacked packaging.
4. Series gift wrap
Series of packaging is a series of products, such as cosmetics, food and other specially designed, these goods use, nature, color, the same or similar, decorating patterns, product trademarks, brands are also similar, such products are often taken series of packaging. Series of gift wrap, you can create a series of product marketing effectiveness, have a correlation effect.
5. With gifts gift wrap
Some products have been included in the package with some gifts, these gifts are directly related to the product, choose such a gift also do not have fun. Some of the accompanying gifts often have good practical value, although the value is not too large, but it will give you a small surprise.
6. Masculine gift wrap
Gift presented to men, the packaging should be masculine, outstanding vigorous, rough, solemn, generous, scientific and practical. Package color optional cool colors, such as silver, dark blue, of course, except for festive gifts, ribbons and packaging materials should also be coordinated above the leaf ornaments can be attached.
7. Feminine gift packaging
Women will appreciate the packaging of gifts more carefully, highlighting the soft, rich, and emotional female psychology and design philosophy, the color should be warm, such as pink, orange, etc., highlighting the artistic and popular. Gift packaging can also be accompanied by a ribbon tied into a bow and so on. Made of composite women need elements
8. young people gift wrap
Young people are relatively picky on the gift wrap, both pay attention to practicality, but also requires artistic, gift packaging in terms of design, color or pattern should be rich in change, to avoid obsolescence.
9. Senior people gift wrap
Gifts to the elderly, the packaging should be simple, dignified, easy to carry, and have a certain degree of tradition and practicality.