Pretreatment technology of food packaging waste

Update:Sep 11,2017

   Food packaging waste pretreatment refers to the use […]

   Food packaging waste pretreatment refers to the use of physical, chemical or biological methods, the packaging waste into easy to transport, storage, recycling disposal of the form. Pretreatment often involves the separation and concentration of certain components in packaging waste, and is therefore often a process for recycling materials. Pretreatment techniques are mainly sorted, compacted, broken and dehydrated.
   The sorting of packaging waste is the separation of various useful resources by means of artificial or mechanical methods, recycling and for different production.
   The compaction of packaging waste is an operation technique that reduces the apparent volume and improves the efficiency of transport and management. Compaction technology is more common in foreign countries, China is only used in limited areas.
   The process of crushing the packaging waste is to reduce its individual size, so that the texture is uniform, which can reduce the gap, increase the bulk of the process.
   The problem of dehydration of packaging waste is generally used in the case of mixed waste of municipal waste with large amount of sludge and so on. In order to isolate useful packaging waste, it is necessary to dewatering and decoupling for sorting and transportation.
   Drying is mainly used for packaging waste after crushing, sorting the light material, the use of such light materials for energy recovery or incineration treatment needs to be dry, in order to achieve the purpose of water, weight loss.