Portable pizza box printing structure

Update:Nov 06,2017

Pisa box printing in everyday life should be considered […]

Pisa box printing in everyday life should be considered a common thing, but to say that its structure many people will look blankly. Today, we come to understand the structure of the lower cassette printing several.
1, heaven and earth cover and shake-covered carton. This package structure is one of the most common in everyday life. This structure is in the box surface according to the different graphics pressure tangential, you can open the lid, both to see the goods, but also to see the decoration of the box graphics, text and trademarks. This structure has the features of easy opening, easy removal of the product and easy display and promotion of the product.

2, portable carton This carton is in the carton edge plus a handle, but as far as possible handle design folded form, you can easily transport;

3, window tray This carton and more transparent plastic film used in combination, it can be divided into local fenestration, transparent and multi-faceted cover, and other three forms.

4, the opposite sex carton This carton is mainly based on the required packaging of goods to design, there are triangular, pentagonal, diamond, hexagonal, octagonal, trapezoidal, cylindrical, semicircular, books, etc. form. This tray has a novel, beautiful and so on.