Poor quality paper cups should be disgusting

Update:May 31,2018

Disposable paper cups are everywhere nowadays. They can […]

Disposable paper cups are everywhere nowadays. They can be used not only to drink water, but also to hold ice cream. This avoids cups to a certain extent. Dishwashers do not clean the infected bacteria and virus-borne infections. Therefore, from a certain perspective, the use of disposable cups is beneficial to cut off diseases, so this aspect is beneficial to human health.
However, with the intensification of white pollution in recent years, people are increasingly cautious about the use of plastic products.

It can be seen from the restrictions on free supply of plastic belts in shopping malls and supermarkets and the promotion of people using special cloth shopping bags or paper shopping bags. The emphasis on white pollution.
Because of white pollution and less waste of resources, disposable goods have been resisted to varying degrees. Although disposable cups are still used in large quantities, people’s awareness of environmental protection has been greatly enhanced and the use of disposable items has increased. Also reduced a lot.
However, how to choose between health and waste is still a problem. Therefore, people's attitude towards paper cups is still contradictory, and it can be said that they love and hate.
However, some poor quality paper cups should be disgusting, that is, some black workshop products with low quality and strong pungent odors. They often fake some other branded products to profit. In fact, these paper cups are not Durable, very thin wall, and pungent smell is very unpleasant, because it contains a lot of harmful substances, very harmful to human health, so when you need to buy disposable cups to carefully look at the quality of preparation, smell whether there is unpleasant smell, And whether the same compared to the regular products purchased before.