Paper packaging environmental advantages

Update:Jul 04,2017

Paper packaging products are pulp and cardboard as the […]

Paper packaging products are pulp and cardboard as the main raw material of the packaging products, the use of raw materials, wood, bamboo, etc. is a can harvest and regeneration of plants; reed, bagasse, cotton, wheat straw, etc. are rural residues. These are reusable and reusable resources. The final consumption of plastic packaging is oil, oil is not renewable resources. Therefore, paper packaging products and plastic and other packaging compared to the use of resources in the more advantages in the market to enjoy a very good ecological reputation, paper packaging products can not only re-use, there are many paper packaging products itself is used to recover Waste paper made of paper; waste paper packaging products can be fattened, within a few months will be in the nature of the sun, moisture and oxygen into water, carbon dioxide and several inorganic. So in the world are concerned about the survival of our planet and the environment today, paper packaging products and plastic, metal, glass compared to the three major packaging, was identified as the most promising, the most promising "green packaging" materials, And highly respected and favored by the world.