Paper cup market to promote the role

Update:May 18,2017

Paper cup industry to promote the role to cause a lot o […]

Paper cup industry to promote the role to cause a lot of controversy. The main raw material of the paper cup is paper, and the original material of the paper is trees and bamboo. Many people can not help but raise objections, if the large-scale development of paper cup manufacturing industry is bound to cause a lot of consumption of wood, and will inevitably lead to waste of relevant resources, but also to a large extent damage to the ecological environment. This idea is understandable, perhaps out of the thought of some of the forest resources wanton destruction of the case, leaving a lot of bad impression, but today's deforestation phenomenon in the country under the harsh policies and regulations have been Effective containment, we currently use the wood raw materials are reasonably planned out of the artificial reforestation can be cut, is a reasonable use of economic trees. So the paper cup manufacturing industry will only lead the development of related industries, as long as reasonable control, there will not be worried about the destruction of the ecological environment of the phenomenon.
The application of paper cups is not just drinking water, because paper cups represent a class of paper that provides quick and easy access to health and environmental protection tools. Its craftsmanship and its own merits represent the requirements of a household appliance category. There are many types of paper cups, such as: advertising cups, double cups, corrugated cups, cold cups, coffee cups, conical cups, hidden cups and so on. Paper hygiene and environmental protection, will naturally increase the consumer confidence in the food, so as to increase consumer demand for its enthusiasm for food, and then will drive the development of various related industries.
At present, more fast food and beverage packaging is out of the shackles of pure plastic products, the most common is KFC, McDonald's and some other similar fast food packaging. More health food and beverage supplies are imperceptibly into people's lives, in more and more projects for people's needs to provide more convenient and convenient way, which is to promote the food industry to a more healthy, more healthy direction The important mission. People will also put more creative ideas and actions on paper to seek higher development.
The first development of paper cups is the paper industry, because the paper is the main material of paper. Although the current trees are in the planning stage of use, but to improve the high utilization of wood in the paper and the search for paper replacement is also the subject of continuous research. People's attention to the ecological environment, but also in promoting the people of the paper supplies the use of research.
Another cup of raw materials is made of domestic coated paper, imported PLA coated paper, imported PE coated paper. PE film is coated with a laminating machine (laminating machine) with a layer of PE (polyethylene) film; for the PLA explanation is: polylactic acid fiber (corn fiber); PLA; polylactic acid fiber is a Completely biodegradable synthetic fibers it can be obtained from the grain. Its products in the soil or seawater after the microbial action can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, combustion will not spread the gas will not cause other pollution, is a sustainable development of ecological fiber. ; A single lactic acid molecule has a hydroxyl group and a carboxyl group, a plurality of lactic acid molecules together, -OH dehydration condensation with -COOH of other molecules, dehydration condensation of -COOH with other molecules of -OH, and the polymers formed by them are Polylactic acid. Polylactic acid is also known as polylactide belongs to the polyester family. Polylactic acid is derived from lactic acid as the main raw material for the polymer raw material source and can be regenerated. For the paper cups of high environmental protection and high health special requirements, is bound to further continue to promote the domestic PLA and PE technology in a higher direction to develop. The quality of the food itself needs to be taken into account, but the quality of the utensils and potable utensils also need to be equally valued.
At present, many scientific research institutions in line with the requirements of the development of paper cups biodegradable technology is being continuously improved, the development of this technology not only for the development of paper cups made new demands, but also will inevitably lead to the development of related industries.
Paper cup is not perfect, its environmental problems also face higher requirements. But in most cases, we are not to escape the problem to survive, but in the pressure to solve the problem to seek development, this is the real power factor in the development of productive forces. It is because of the convenience of the paper cup itself and the development of the paper cup industry, it prompted us to have a higher and better future development requirements.