Paper cup design should pay attention to green packaging

Update:May 24,2018

Paper Cup --- Paper cup design should pay attention to […]

Paper Cup --- Paper cup design should pay attention to green packaging

The so-called "green packaging" refers to packages that do not cause infections to ecological conditions, do no harm to human health, and can promote sustainable development. It is also equivalent to saying that the whole process of packaging products from the raw materials decision, product production, application and withdrawal should comply with the application of the ecological situation back protection. It collects luxury profits, power, prevention of bulk purchases, easy recycling of recyclable monopolies (cost-spreading type), or models that can be burned, degradable, etc., with ecological conditions to cherish applications, namely, affordable "3R+1D" (Reduce minus Quantifying, Reuse has repeatedly applied several times, Recycle Recycling and Degrable Energy Degradation) principles.

Paper cups, Sri Lanka’s nationally recognized principle of "3R+1D" for green packaging, that is, fulfillment of reductions in packaging, packing under the premise of satisfying, facilitating, and selling, etc., should be at least used; packaging should be Reuse, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling, Recycling It leads to eternal dregs and then to the principle of improving the soil; packaging materials should be non-toxic and harmful to humans and organisms. Packaging materials should not contain toxic elements (such as halogens, heavy metals), or the content should be controlled below the irrelevant standards. These points are the applications that green packaging must have. Another point is that the entire process of packaging products from the collection of raw materials, materials processing, build products, product applications, waste recycling and regeneration until the final disposal should not cause harm to the human body and the environment. This is in accordance with the life cycle synthesis method, using the point of view of the fine-grained project, the highest application for green packaging.

At present, in our country, although economy, economy, energy and the implementation of reincarnation economy have been taken as an Aberdeen policy, objectively speaking, since childhood, I have never been given a high degree of emphasis in all aspects. Waste of capital and energy signs can be seen everywhere.

For example, at present, China's corrugated box production, a large number of cases of waste of capital generally have, in foreign countries have already tested the "high-strength, low-weight" lightweight corrugated box production guidelines. Foreign three-layer corrugated boxes account for 90% of the market. China's current annual output of corrugated board has reached 16 billion square meters (the second largest in the world). It is assumed that one-sided lightweight corrugated box model will be implemented. It will be changed from five layers to three layers and each year may be 30 to 5 billion square meters. Corrugated cardboard.

For another example, the intensity of recycling of finished products is far from sufficient, and the lack of power and weakness on a regular basis, such as the recycling of waste paper, currently only reaches 38%, which is lower than the national average acceptance rate of 44%. China is not only a big paper-producing country (the output is the second largest in the country), but also a big country for consumer paper, and it is also a country that lacks paper-based materials.

Another example is the small pull ring on the top of cans. In many countries in Europe, America, Japan, etc., after the cans are opened, the pull rings and the cans are not separated. As a result, the cans of withdrawal are recovered and dominated, while in China cans Most of the pull rings are thrown away with the kitchen dregs.

At present, in our country, “too much packaging” is rampant, especially moon cake packaging is the most prominent, which is a waste of profits and increased the shoulders of consumers. Some of the packaging of goods "gold and jade outside, defeated in the middle of this", beautiful and eager to eat, in the top. Some of the soft and luxurious packaging, turned to the hands of consumers become rubbish, lost its value. Of the various types of packaging waste, more than 50% are caused by over-packaging.