Paper baked food packaging makes tasty more delicious

Update:Sep 25,2017

   Packaging as an important part of product sales, its […]

   Packaging as an important part of product sales, its importance is self-evident. In daily life, people are common packaging materials are: paper, glass, metal, composite plastic and other materials. However, in recent years, people's food safety and environmental awareness of the strengthening of the product packaging requirements are more stringent. Green packaging products has become the preferred product. Among them, the use of paper packaging materials to become the primary business packaging materials business. Paper baked food packaging so that delicious can not escape the palm.
   The use of paper packaging materials and other packaging materials, has the following advantages:

1, light weight, folding, low transport costs;

2, wood as raw material, with static electricity, moisture and other functions;

3, to achieve transport packaging the combination of printing, exquisite;

4, high efficiency;

5, compared with other packaging materials, low cost
   Of course, the choice of paper packaging materials also have shortcomings, that is, the material toughness is poor, to be punished by the material, and do not have a waterproof function.
   At present, some of the new development of paper packaging trends at home and abroad is toward high-performance, non-toxic harmless, green, inexpensive, easy to use the direction of development. One of the flexible packaging materials from the past to food packaging mainly to the industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, cosmetics packaging and other non-food packaging areas. With the "green packaging" in the prevalence of APET box application scale will be a compound growth rate of 25% of the rate of development, the prospects are excellent.