Packaging security printing process characteristics and processes

Update:Jun 20,2017

Anti-counterfeiting printing is mainly to solve the pro […]

Anti-counterfeiting printing is mainly to solve the problem of property rights, to ensure that the value of their products, to prevent others from imitation. Anti-counterfeiting printing process is generally: prepress design of an anti-counterfeiting printed material selection of a security plate printing an anti-counterfeiting processing. Anti-counterfeiting printing process has the following characteristics:
1, aesthetics
Packaging prints can greatly improve the print through the printing of the artistic effect, giving the product a new vitality, to stimulate consumer desire to buy, improve product added value. To bring consumers a new look and feel, to increase the selling point of the product itself.
2, security
This is one of the main functions of anti-counterfeiting printing. The use of special design, special materials, special technology and special equipment for packaging printed materials for processing, with the unique effect is difficult to imitate, play the role of security. Is the protection of the value of the product, the production of technical staff of the labor respect.
3, practicality
As a packaging print, mainly used for packaging, printing processing will consider the specific packaging practicality, such as film, polishing, die cutting, indentation and so on.log on to our official website for more details :