Packaging security printing process characteristics and processes

Update:Dec 25,2017

Security printing is the main solution to the issue of […]

Security printing is the main solution to the issue of property rights of goods, to ensure that the value of their products, to prevent others imitation. Anti-counterfeiting printing process is generally: Prepress design of a security printing security printing material selection of a security printing plate after a security printing process.
Security printing process has the following characteristics:
1, beautiful
Packaging printing through printing can greatly improve the artistic effect of printed matter, give the product a new vitality, stimulate consumer desire to purchase, improve product added value. Give consumers a new look and feel, to increase the selling point of the product itself.
2, security
This is one of the main effects of security printing. Using special design, special materials, special technology and special equipment for packaging and processing products, with a unique effect of imitation difficult, play a role in security. Is the protection of product value, the production of technical staff work respect.
3, practicality
As a package of printed matter, mainly for packaging, printing processing must consider the specific packaging of practicality, such as coating, polishing, die-cutting, indentation and so on.