Common introduction of the paper soup bowls

Update:Mar 22,2018

There are mainly three types of paper soup bowls sold o […]

There are mainly three types of paper soup bowls sold on the market:

The first is made of white cardboard. It is mainly used to hold dry foods such as fries and popcorn. It cannot hold water.

The second is a waxed paper cup that is waterproof and thick, but cannot hold food at temperatures above 40°C;

The last kind is the “paper-plastic cup”, which is a layer of paper on the outer wall and a layer of coated paper on the inner wall. It is waterproof and oil-proof. This type of cup is the most widely used and the largest number of manufacturers.

All three types of paper soup bowls are manufactured using special paper bowls. According to the national regulations, recycled paper cannot be used for paper cup and paper bowl, and fluorescent bleaching agents cannot be added. However, according to industry sources, many paper cup factories use recycled paper that violates regulations. In order to reduce costs, paper mills recycle waste newspapers, waste paper cartons, and discarded books at a low price, stir the pulp, and then add a large amount of fluorescent bleaching agent to make it white and add some industrial carbonic acid. Calcium, talc, to increase the weight of paper.

The most serious is that many disposable cutlery are made of paper with phosphors and other chemicals added. The recovered waste paper itself has many dust and bacteria, and once the fluorescent substances enter the human body, they can cause the cells to mutate and become potential carcinogenic factors.

Second, in order to withstand high temperatures, a layer of coated paper will be used inside the disposable tableware to make paper-plastic tableware. According to the standard, this standard plastic film should be selected from the standard polyethylene, but some manufacturers may use industrial polyethylene or waste plastics for profit, which may contain a large number of harmful substances, especially hot water will burn out. body.

The colorful patterns of disposable cutlery may also become "potential killers" that are harmful to health. For example, the ink on paper disposable tableware uses non-food-grade ink, which contains very volatile benzene, which may cause cancer. And the paper cups and the paper boxes are stacked one on top of the other. The ink on the top of the paper soup bowls is easily stained on the inner wall and enters the digestive organs, causing harm to the human body.