How do you choose a disposable lunch box?

Update:Feb 05,2018

Look at the seal General box should be sealed in plasti […]

Look at the seal
General box should be sealed in plastic packaging bags, packaging bags should not be damaged, not tight packaging boxes are vulnerable to environmental pollution, health can not be guaranteed.
Look at the outer packing
Should carefully check the packaging logo is marked "provisions of the product name, manufacturer name and address, product performance standards, production date, shelf life, health permits and other countries must be marked content, if the sign content marked incomplete or not standardized, then this kind of meal is best not to buy.
Look at the box body
Good quality meal box body color should be uniform and clear, the opening of the box should not have obvious sag and wrinkle.
Look at the mouth of the box
Note box opening is flat and smooth, no waste edge, burr, the cup body should be clean and transparent, uniform thickness, no impurities, bubbles, water, no fish eye stiff block phenomenon.
Extrusion test
To use boxes hardness box body good, try to choose the box wall thick, stiff in the choice of lunch boxes, lunch boxes, squeezed by hand gently in the boxes on both sides of the box body can be roughly know the quality of hardness.