Food packaging printing style introduction

Update:Dec 11,2017

Food packaging printing of diverse styles, mainly based […]

Food packaging printing of diverse styles, mainly based on the shape of the product and the effect of packaging to set, then now briefly introduce the style of the box for your reference, I hope for your help.
Common box: box type for the upper and lower ears, the upper and bottom of the open method, easy to switch, easy assembly, suitable for cosmetics and health food.
World box: The so-called world box, is divided into two covers up and down, the separation of the two, forming more complex, slightly higher cost, but the overall feeling of more advanced, suitable for gift boxes and imported products, enhance product style.
Japan at the end of the box: Japan at the bottom of the box for the four card tenon, the use of structural interaction, so that the bottom of an increase of load capacity, disassembly convenience, box feel good
Batter box: Batter box is the general box type which the best carrying capacity, but the cost is slightly higher, suitable for heavy weight products.
One-piece box: The so-called one-piece molding is the box itself spread out after the entire cut-type paper, without paste box, the use of structural design, save the cost of the box, so that the structure reached one shape.
Carrying case: The packing box itself is equipped with a cotton cord or a man-made tape to facilitate carrying without the use of a carry bag.
Bifold Tote Box: As the name suggests, the box itself can be portable, do not need to use the bag. Box-type structure can also be stacked for easy shipping.
Special Structure Boxes: The packaging structure designed for individual products according to special needs or product features visually distinguishes them from other boxes and displays the appearance while displaying the image of the product, leaving a deep impression on the consumer.