Food packaging carton printing professional terms

Update:Sep 04,2017

   Food packaging carton printing a lot of color, red o […]

   Food packaging carton printing a lot of color, red orange, red, green and blue, and so on, but in the box printing above, we only four-color printing, five-color printing, but also spot color printing, or in turn these print together. For example, some food packaging cartons is to choose four-color plus spot color printing.
   Four-color printing: printing the basic colors are: black, blue, red, yellow (K, C, M, Y,), the printing industry, said the four-color printing is made of these four base color overprint. These four colors, that is, we often say four-color printing. The general color box printing are selected four-color printing.
   Five-color printing: that is, by the four-color + spot color printing, which has a color is the spot color itself is necessary to tune out. Four colors is what we usually said CMYK four colors.
   In theory, these four kinds of primary colors with each other, you can get any color in the world. But different color box printing products, the pursuit of a different color box packaging effect, often professional designers will also develop a color, used to highlight a color, the screen more realistic, more three-dimensional. Five-color printing is actually in the four kinds of primary colors on a special color, that is, spot color (4C + spot color).
   So the five-color food packaging carton printing, then certainly more expensive than the four-color. In addition, the box color printing above the spot color is to be a special tone of the modulation.