Food box of the knife mold and mounted pit technology

Update:Oct 23,2017

  1, box design Food packaging wholesale This stage is […]

  1, box design
Food packaging wholesale This stage is mainly by you and the designer and the printing plant to coordinate the completion of the first by your own requirements and advertising companies, or their own internal design staff to design a good package of printed documents, and at the same time to complete the packaging materials Selected.
2, the box printing
Box printing machine to get the film, according to the size of the film, the thickness of the paper, the printing color to determine the printing.
4, box production die and mounted pit
Make a knife die in accordance with the model and printed out of semi-finished products to determine a good knife mold determines the appearance of the shape of the box, mounted pit is mainly used in the pit box, according to your request to choose pit paper with a special mechanical stick together The
5, the packaging of printed matter appearance treatment
This appearance is mainly on the surface of the landscaping, a film, bronzing, UV, oil polished and so on.
6, box molding
Use the machine, knife mold. Make the box die cut to form the basic style of the box.
7, sticky box
That is, the box in accordance with the model or design style, the box must be fixed to connect the part of the glue with glue through the above process, a box made to complete.