Five characteristics of disposable paper cups

Update:Feb 23,2018

We can see everywhere in our life. We often use disposa […]

We can see everywhere in our life. We often use disposable paper cups at home because it is quick and easy. We usually go to the hotel also use most of it, then we do not know what it has the characteristics of it? Here we mainly understand the five characteristics of disposable cups:
1. The appearance of good effect. Printing and decoration easy to implement, publicity effect, promotion, and low cost. Light weight to save circulation costs.
2. Can be combined with a variety of materials to improve protection. It is combined with aluminum foil, plastic and other materials to prevent deterioration of the contents of corruption.
3.Packing machinery can be used to carry out the work, to achieve high-quality high-speed production, packaging, shading performance, can better maintain the contents of the color, smell and taste.
4. Easy to dispose of waste and easy recycling, can save resources. Easy to dispose of waste and easy to recycle, saving resources.
5. Light weight, anti-damage. Compared with glass bottles, cups of light weight, and no risk of damage.
Paper cups are characterized by safety and health, lightweight and convenient. Public places, restaurants, restaurants can be used, is a one-time items