Do you really understand the disposable paper cups?

Update:May 18,2017

One-time paper cups because of its convenient and pract […]

One-time paper cups because of its convenient and practical, and less wash brush part, has become a lot of families and units to entertain guests common drink. However, people enjoy the convenience at the same time, some did not indicate the heat temperature, hardness is not enough, poor use of poor quality paper cups are likely to bring harm to human health.
Part of the paper cup is still wearing "Hua Yi" June 1, 2012, by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and the National Standards Committee issued a national standard paper cups formally implemented. The standard for the first time that the cup "cup from the cup body within 15mm, the cup from the cup body within 10mm" should not have printed patterns, not the use of recycled raw materials to produce paper cups. From the new national standard promulgated for 3 years, however, there are still non-compliance on the market disposable paper cups appear.
Reporters found in the visit, Shang Chao within the disposable paper cups are basically in line with the new national standard. Such as packaging marked with the manufacturer name, address, QS certification, production license, the implementation of standards, materials, shelf life, use, product level and other related information, more detailed. In particular, the new national standard stipulates that "the cup from the cup body within 15mm, the cup from the cup body within 10mm should not be printed," the reporter in Wal-Mart, Su fruit and other large supermarket visits found that these super-sale of the paper cups have reached this A standard, whether it is plain or cartoon pattern, cup, cup bottom are blank, to the national requirements. There are some disposable paper cups that use a new material, marked for the plant starch made, more environmentally friendly.
However, in some small shops and the wholesale market for the township, but often can not see the standard one-time paper cups. Reporters in Shucheng County million Buddha Lake town on a small shop to find the whole body cup as a big red paper cups, although the cup body paper is hard and no smell, but the printing standards are not consistent. Yiwu in the city market and the South Gate farmers market wholesalers, the reporter also found a number of cheap, feels soft paper disposable paper cups, and in the paper cup packaging is not marked on the specific manufacturer.
Most people do not know fancy paper cups have "said"
"Do you know that the disposable paper cups have a new national standard?" In the face of this problem, many respondents said "not clear". Some respondents indicated that they had never noticed any changes in the appearance of disposable paper cups sold by supermarkets. "Home to the guests I will buy some disposable paper cups with tea, the general will pick the brand to buy, the appearance of good looks, as the other, did not pay more attention." In the Wal-Mart supermarket, one is on the shelf selection of disposable paper cups Of the public told reporters.
Then, the reporter and a random interview with several people, they give the answer is almost. Paper cups are smell, whether the pattern is good-looking, paper is crisp, the price is reasonable, the public is the choice of paper cup factors, but few people will be the new national standard in the "cup from the cup body within 15mm, 10mm should not be printed "as a necessary reference conditions.
Some small restaurant owners are one of the large consumption of disposable paper cups, their requirements for disposable paper cups lower. "As long as the watertight, it is not unpleasant on the line, we pay more attention to the price." In the moon island business night stalls Mr. Yang told reporters.
Poor quality cups contain harmful substances
What are the principles of non-conforming paper cups on the body? What principles should I follow in order to purchase disposable paper cups? Reporters interviewed the relevant quality supervision departments.
City Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau of product quality supervision section chief Du Xianwu told reporters that the city is currently producing one-time paper cups of the two companies have been licensed production, city quality supervision departments twice a year sampling of such products are qualified products. "Disposable paper cups to facilitate the use of health, is a lot of family and office supplies necessary, more and more consumption.But nowadays one-time paper cup market brand, often prone to capacity is not standardized, lack of quality protection, price Chaos and other issues. "Du Xianwu said that if the paper cups in the fluorescent display is blue, it shows the paper cup with high density of fluorescent substances, according to medical clinical experiments, fluorescent substances can make cells produce mutations, these harmful substances once into the human body, it is easy Become a potential carcinogenic factor.
In this, Du Xianwu also remind the vast number of consumers, buy paper cups to "see", "smell", "pinch". The paper should be sealed in the plastic packaging bags, the product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, product implementation standards, production date, validity, etc .; open the packaging, the cup should not be There is smell; paper cup shape should also be crisp, should not be deformed.