Common packaging packaging materials

Update:Jan 02,2018

Common packaging materials are as follows: 1) White pap […]

Common packaging materials are as follows:
1) White paper - plain white paper, copy paper, crepe paper;
2) Bubble paper / poly (sponge) / sponge / pearl cotton;
3) Carton categories - white box, brown box, box.
Packaging boxes are often used for inner packaging, generally has the following forms:
1) Color Box: Divided into corrugated box and corrugated box;
2) Ordinary brown corrugated box: Commonly used for 3 layers of corrugated boxes and 5 layers of corrugated boxes, the product is packaged, the general use of tape sealing;
3) White box: can be divided into a corrugated (3 layers or 5 layers) white box and no corrugated white box, the product packaging generally use tape sealing; acrylic packaging box;
4) Display box: its type more, there are color display boxes, with PVC lid display boxes, etc., through the packaging can be intuitive to see the products in the box;
5) Gift box: used for jewelry, stationery and other product packaging, more types.