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Update:Jun 14,2017

1, the purchase of film must be selected after film pro […]

1, the purchase of film must be selected after film processing, the surface tension of the film must reach 38 dynes (refer to table India), the best use of corona test pen test, due to the film in the production (the printing film) although the electronic processing, but the film processing effect will be extended with time exponentially fading the speed and storage environment, regression of raw materials, temperature, film thickness, storage environment of high temperature, dissipated fast, thin film containing additives such as lubricants, plasticizers, antistatic agents fade faster than that without additives, now many printing factories can self blowing, and electronic processing. But due to the failure to grasp the processing procedures, processing gap (between 1-2mm), voltage (1-1.5 kV), the printing is not easy to appear after exposing the decolorization, penetration, adhesion, cutting and difficult to use Open the phenomenon, this situation usually test stroke can be analyzed, so attention must be paid to the purchase of film or film at.
2, printing test printing adhesion habits on the machine, while the printed side adhesive tape for the detection, in fact this is not scientific, because the ink is not completely dry, the best adhesion test after 8 hours in printing.

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