Classification and application of paper cups

Update:Aug 07,2017

Disposable paper cups manufacturers, disposable paper c […]

Disposable paper cups manufacturers, disposable paper cups in the domestic consumption of explosive growth in recent years, and become a modern concept of life. How much do you know about paper cups?.
From the market oriented, the paper cup can be divided into market cup and customized cup. The market is on the market by the cup was widely used in the artwork, volume size and paper weight, in order to meet the demand of ordinary packaging. Custom made paper cups mainly print customer's own design patterns, customer specified capacity size, and paper weight to meet their corresponding needs. In addition to packaging role, more marketing and brand promotion, enhance the purpose of identification.
From the characteristics of food cups can be divided into single and double film coated glass. Single coated paper cup, mainly used for containing normal or hot drinks. Double film glass is mainly used for loading cold drinks, two film can prevent the lateral condensation of water vapor in the cups, cup body soft couch, even leakage.
Distinguished from paper cups paper material, there are regular cup paper white yellow kraft paper cup, paper cups, paper cups and white cardboard. We live in the most with the white coated paper cups. Yellow kraft paper cup, paper for printing color yellow have certain limitations, China is now relatively rare but gradually became popular, the yellow paper gives people a more upscale feel, and the stiffness ratio of paper cup paper white is better, but the price is more expensive. White cardboard paper cups, mainly refers to barrels of popcorn barrels, not liquid cups, white cardboard, resistant to high temperature, soft, easy to leak. Different capacity sizes fit different foods. Such as ordinary paper cups for drinks, French fries, and chunky ones for paper bowls for food, snacks, or soup. For containing ice cream is usually loaded with the size and size of the beverage is different, and the ice cream cup mostly double film paper cups.