Carton design icon note method.

Update:Dec 04,2017

(1) Dimension line, dimension line and dimension number […]

(1) Dimension line, dimension line and dimension number of carton design drawing line, drawing method and marking method are consistent with the national mechanical drawing standard. The dimension line leads from the cutting line or the center line (or the groove center line) The cutting line, the center line as the size of the line marked.
(2) The printing text and the pattern shall be subject to draft pattern. It is not necessary to draw a sketch on the design drawing. Only indicate the size range according to the proportion, draw the dotted line and indicate the requirement of printing oiled can.
(3) The three-dimensional pattern should be marked with the inner dimensions. If it is necessary to mark the outer dimensions, the word "outer" should be added before the size.
(4) The name, specification and thickness of cardboard can be put forward in the technical requirements.