Buying paper cups is also skillful

Update:Apr 19,2018

First, when buying Disposable paper cup, check whether […]

First, when buying Disposable paper cup, check whether the packaging is in good condition. Second, buy a paper cup if it is found under the fluorescent light silver white, indicating that too much added phosphor, harmful to the body; Third, the disposable paper cup opened after the package is placed as much as possible In a dry, clean place.

Disposable cups are mainly divided into white cardboard cups, waxed paper cups, and paper plastic cups. For the purpose of waterproofing, some unscrupulous traders use industrial paraffin and waste plastics when making paper cups, which is harmful to the human body when drinking water. At the same time, some manufacturers add fluorescent brighteners to make the cup look whiter. Once ingested by the human body, they become potential carcinogenic factors.

Please pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing and using paper cups.

To buy paper cups, go to large shopping malls and supermarkets and choose products from well-known brands produced by large companies.

When purchasing, you must choose products with complete marks, pay special attention to the production date, and try to choose the most recent products. The shorter the storage time, the lower the degree of contamination of the product. Be careful about buying paper cups with incomplete logos. Do not buy "three no" products.

Try to choose cups with thick, stiff paper cups and try not to buy special soft paper cups by hand.